Starbucks 2008 Planner

I am three stickers away from having my Starbucks 2008 Planner. I have come to conclusion that I seriously need a planner for 2008. From what I have learned and discovered last year, time management tops among the problems I have encountered with regards to academic matters. With the help of a planner, I can chart out the activities I need to do for the week. Moreover, I can plan in detail my studying time, dental appointments, due dates of library books, meetings, birthdays and the likes. I just hope I remain faithful to my planner for the whole year.

Anyway, I know my friend is right about spending hundred and fifty bucks for a small cup of coffee when you can opt for cheaper ones. Imagine, you have to acquire 24 stickers in exchange for a planner. A sticker is equivalent to a drink which costs roughly hundred bucks each. If we do the math here, one Starbucks planner will cost you almost three grand. That’s definitely not cheap. But the good thing is that Starbucks has a way of giving back to the community. After you receive your planner, your name will be on the list as one of the donors of Project SparkHope. Speaking of the planner, this year’s is much better than last year’s, for me at least. First, it’s not as bulky as last year. Secondly, the paper is much thinner and so is the cover. It’s not hardbound anymore and the nice thing is that the cover is made out of leather, which gives the planner a masculine taste.


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2 responses to “Starbucks 2008 Planner

  • pol

    I must tell this. Your current blog host is way better than your old one.

    I already have my planner. Nung December pa. Hahaha. Happy New Year Ken!

  • MC

    My sister already has two planners in her hands. I would then have to check the level of caffeine in her bloodstream. Haha. I can ask her to just give you the spare one. What dya think? Anyway, you’re three stickers away na lang naman. Hanggang January 15 pa naman yan.

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