Year of change

What am I up to in 2008?

1. Gain more weight.
Gaining weight has been my perennial problem. Last year, my pursuit of weight expansion has been the bleakest. I only gained a meager ten pounds, considering the heavy meals I eat everyday. I must note though that last year, I was also taking up medications for my incipient tuberculosis. I finished the therapy around the late part of September. And in the early days of December, I was already showing signs of plumping. Hopefully this year, I can reach the ideal weight for my height.

2. Get better grades.
Last semester, I had my first failing grade in my college life. What’s worse is that I only lacked 1.05% in my final grade to pass that course. So I’m really looking forward to not only this semester, but this year as a whole to vindicate myself.

3. Manage my time wisely.
I learned enough from last year. There are lots of time wasted and I don’t want to experience that again. So I’m now starting to fulfill this goal with the help of a planner.

4. Get myself a DSLR.
Maybe I’ll resort to robbing a bank just to ease my frustrations. Sorry for my language, but I fucking want a DSLR. No, I fucking NEED a DSLR. And I need it now. I mean it.

5. Master Photoshop.
Since I’m only taking photos using my crappy digital camera, I need to master the art of editing bitmaps and images. The only way I can give justice to my photos is to let them undergo photo manipulation. Of course, if you’re generous enough to give me a DLSR, you can help lessen the workload.

6. Try out new things.
I haven’t really thought about it, but I surely want to try new things. Maybe I can start with being hippie. It includes changing my wardrobe, from polo shirts and jeans to crocheted tams, ponchos and patchwork pants.

Of course, this list is only tentative and still might change in the next days.


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6 responses to “Year of change

  • Magnus

    Happy new year! Eat a lot then lift some weights, that’s the way to go. And yeah, complete the 6-month course of the medicines

  • kibitzer101

    It’s much easier said than done. But as I said, this is a year for changes. Thanks Sir for the advice. :)

  • MC

    Tell your dad to buy you one. I know it’s not difficult for you to ask that, for you are one spoiled child. Lol. And did I read that correctly? You failed? What subject? Dang, that must have been really hard to absorb.

    Anyway, my sister wants you to come over. She’s gonna ask you something regarding Econometrics. You consummate geeks. Lol. Hey bud, I forgot to mention. You’re being missed.

    To begin with, I don’t want to pester my parents anymore. I want to buy things on my own. Hahaha. Yes brother, I failed a subject. Macroeconomics. Ugh, please don’t bring it up again. I’m already over it. :D

    Tell her I suck! Haha. Pleeeeaaase, I just failed an Economics subject. You’re being missed as well. We must hang out. SOOON!

  • VJ

    Gusto ko rin ng DSLR. For now, magtiis muna sa digicam. :D

  • yoshke

    Happy New Year, KEN! Yey, wordpress ka na.

    I am so back. haha.

    I know. I looove WordPress. Hahaha. Welcome back! :D

  • tinggay

    thanks for the bookmark.
    Also, I envy you for your new Year’s resolution of “Gaining Weight”.
    I sure as hell hope that I could say that next year. *sigh

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