Art of stroking

What I love about tennis is that no matter how many people surround the two players, everything still boils down to them. Yes, the audience helps in boosting the morale of the players, but who in the first place controls the ball and places it delicately within the confines of the lawn court? The racquet holders. Yes, the racquet is the sports implement in tennis. And sometimes, this could be the channel of a player to express what he feels. For instance, the art of racquet impinging.

To vent out what the tennis players feel, they usually scream. It’s psychological. It is even applied in the real world. But sometimes, when they are so enveloped with their own emotional distress and could not handle anymore the torment, what they do is they usually impinge their racquets on the court, in this case the mowed grass. However, they will get violations, or at least will be warned, for an attempt of destroying the racquet. Indeed, racquets are sacred for tennis buffs. And I, for one, am a tennis buff.

I don’t particularly play the sport. Well, I tried it once, but apparently, beginner’s luck wasn’t with me at that time. On an attempt to chase the ball, I tripped and fell, leaving bruises on my knees. I took this as a sign; tennis was not for me.

Then why do I consider myself a tennis buff? Because I spend ten hours a week watching tennis. Yes, in my leisure time I can just curl up and watch tennis(and football). Of course, I have a favorite player. I love Roger Federer for he is an all-around player. He can hit all of the fundamental shots with high proficiency. Whenever he’s at the baseline, he dictates the game by giving accurate ground strokes from both wings. More important, I admire his forehand. It is arguably his weapon in killing every ball. David Foster Wallace even described the exceptional speed, fluidity and brute force of this forehand motion as “a great liquid whip”. He also can give excellent slice shots which go through the court with great pace and throw off opponents.

The way he serves must also be noted. Federer generally serves with placement and precision, but on occasion he will hit a powerful serve to keep his opponents off balance. His footwork, balance and court coverage are exceptional. He can hit strong topspin shots while running, allowing him to switch from defense to offense. Emotionally, he also knows how to control himself. Federer is capable of performing in high pressure situations, often saving match points during crucial times in a match.

Roger Federe

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4 responses to “Art of stroking

  • Misterhubs

    I’m a huge Roger fan too. I hope he finally wins a calendar Grand Slam this year plus the Olympics.

    I can sense that he will win more matches this year than the previous years. And the Olympics trophy would definitely look good on his trophy case. Hail, Fed, Hail! :D

  • orly

    The way he serves must also be noted. Federer generally serves with placement and precision, but on occasion he will hit a powerful serve to keep his opponents off balance.

    True. I have been attempting to imitate his manner of serving, but I have proven that only He can excellently execute it. But I am not a fan of Federer. Haha. I just admire his athleticism. My favorite, on the other hand, is Novak Djokovic. He’s got a laid-back attitude when he’s in court. He and Federer actually have some similarities. They both have impressive forehands: powerful and well-angled, it’s as if the baselines tend to magnetize the ball.

    WHADDUP BROTHA!!! Hahaha. Haven’t seen you in a while ah. Do you still play at Makati Sports Club? Or you transferred venue? I need to know ’cause I’m a fan of yours. Hahahaha.

    Anyway, indeed, the baselines seem to draw the ball inside. Pero Roger Federer pa rin. Hahaha. I know you always root for underdogs, I as well, but Federer really never fails to impress me every time he’s in a match.

  • orly

    Oo nga eh. Pahinga muna ako sa tennis. I sprained my left ankle last December eh. Fan, eh? Haha. Nasa raketa yan. Hahaha.

    Uhm, Djokovic pa rin, over-all. Hahaha.

  • Rachel

    I bought my first racquet today and it was the Federer one! Hopefully it will help me channel him…

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