Procrastination, hello there!

Today marks the first day of my third semester. I am not yet feeling the miasma of academism; in fact my brain is still on vacation. But I need to get my brain cells working or else I might bore myself to comatose in the next few days. I’m also looking at the bright side, allowance.

I enrolled in six subjects this term and all of them fall under the afternoon slots. This was intentionally done in order to save myself from the bane of waking up early.

I attended two classes today, Principles of Marketing and Critical Thinking. I effing love my Marketing class. First, the girl I have been checking out for the past months is in the same class, and secondly, we got Milette Zamora as our professor. I heard a lot of good things about Professor Zamora. She earned her MBM in Asian Institute of Management and she is the current treasurer of NelZa Development Corporation, a position in which she is responsible for negotiating with banks and managing a corporate investment portfolio both in the Philippines and globally. Moreover, her diverse professional experience also includes high-level marketing services provided to ABS-CBN, Sky Cable, and McCann-Erikson Philippines, Inc. I am definitely gonna keep my ears up in her class.

I also received my planner today. Yey!

Starbucks 2008 Planner

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3 responses to “Procrastination, hello there!

  • pol

    Congrats! Take care of your planner. Make that planner your buddy!

    Milette Zamora sounds distinctly familiar. I think I heard her name from someone. And you definitely need to get your cells working. Hahaha. Do good in school.

    I know. That’s what I’m gonna do! I’m gonna make it really personal. Hahaha.

    Really? Does her name ring a bell? Prominent talaga siya in the field of marketing eh. So, baka dahil dun. Yeah, I will. Thanks Sir.

  • Abaniko

    Oh, Critical Thinking is already a college subject. Cool. That’s in DLSU I suppose? Do good in your classes this term and avoid getting too distracted by the girl in your Marketing class, hukey? :)

    Yeah. I will. I can’t promise but I’ll try. :P

  • marc

    Sa tingin ko, mas okay yung promo ng Seattle’s Best. You only have to collect 20 stickers, and you get a planner, a mug, a pen and a bag.

    The thing is, I don’t like their planner. Hahaha. :P

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