Banapple = Nirvana

We were in want of sustenance: Kevin, Kringle, Camae, Sam, Nikole and I. We traversed the turbulent EDSA while discussing where to sate our hunger. The table was open for suggestions, and Sam proposed Banapple. Sam has been talking about it since forever, so we settled for Banapple just to check out what that shop has to offer.

Banapple is situated along the Katipunan stretch. Coming from Taft, it took us roughly an hour to reach the place. I have never heard of Banapple before, so I made speculations of what it actually is like. I thought it would be the likes of Dencio’s, Via Mare, Le Souffle or Tropezz Restaurant Bar. Apparently, I was wrong, not even close. Banapple is a pastry shop. Yes, pies and cheesecakes.

The shop’s logo explicitly explains the shop’s name. Banapple is a portmanteau of the words banana and apple(I’m so stupid for not figuring this out). I thought it was catchy, appealing and clever.

As we entered Banapple, we were welcomed by the very accommodating waitresses of the shop. The place is relatively small, but the ambiance is casual. Of course, it wouldn’t be a pastry shop without baked foods. A display of tempting cakes and pies breasted us, which made Camae very excited. We settled down, and perused the menu.

The shop has actually a wide array of foods, from sandwiches to pasta. They also serve meals with rice, which, in this case, made me very excited because I’m really really hungry and I particularly want a heavy meal. I ordered chicken rolls smothered with this sauce which tasted really really good. When I took my first bite, I actually heard the Hallelujah chorus. The chicken rolls were superbly made, and as I have said, the sauce. YUM.

Of course, our visit would not be complete without trying out their famous cakes. We ordered five slices of cake and I was the first one to munch on the Super Caramel Cake. I love caramel, in fact, I can eat every dish that has caramel on it. Anyway, about the cake. It was overly sweet, but I enjoyed every bite I had.

Curious of who the owner is, I peered over the counter and searched for someone who exhibits the aura of a pastry maker. Sam, apparently, knew I was looking for the proprietor, so she interrupted my search and told me that the owners are GJ and Maricel, they’re actually a couple. Cool, right? I find it very lovely that they work together, considering also that their business revolves around food.

Now, here comes the bill. The prices are actually not that hefty. The foods only cost around P80 – P150. I think it was pretty fair that the owners priced that way, so it’s all good. Nikole paid for all of the expenses by the way. Thanks Nikole!


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2 responses to “Banapple = Nirvana

  • Jonats

    Katipunan, as in near Ateneo? Pies and cheesecakes mean they serve coffee too, I assume? Wanna try that one.

    Yup! :D Uh, yes they do. I suggest you try the Super Caramel cake. It’s really really good.

  • MC

    I’m here every week. Lol. Thank you for reminding me. I was about to invite you over for a bite doon eh. But it seems napuntahan mo na. And yes, masarap ang chicken rolllllls. :D

    Sorry daw. Haha. Sige, i-text mo ako kapag naisipan mong manglibre. Hahaha.

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