6-0, second set

The recent performance of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the Australian Open has been surprisingly impressive. Tsonga crushed Youzhny in their Quarterfinals match last Tuesday, completing his assignment in three straight sets. I was rooting for Youzhny because he’s the seeded player, and apparently has more experience than Tsonga. Then again, the unseeded Tsonga did not show submission or fear. In fact, he was oozing with confidence. His forehand shots were tremendous and very precise. He knocked down eight service aces. And he had total control over the second set, which probably was responsible for the subversion of Youzhny’s morale and confidence. On the third set, Tsonga kept on hurling impeccable shots which gave him a lot of points. Youzhny, on the other hand, did not show any sign of recouping from his very miserable loss in the second set. Tsonga finally took this opportunity to cream the fourteenth seed in their match, heading off to Semi-Finals against my other favorite, Rafael Nadal.


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5 responses to “6-0, second set

  • pol

    I knew you’d blog this! Hahaha. I am quite scared for Nadal. But whatever. Nadal is Nadal. Just for a change, I’m rooting for Djokovic. No Fed at the finals this time, please. Haha!

    By the way, what does “esse quam videri” mean? Is it Latin?

    Am I being predictable already? Hahaha. You should be, I am scared actually. Tsonga is well, unpredictable. He can throw lots of good shots and accurate drop shots that could stun Nadal. Sorry, I can’t support you on that. I’m a Fed fan. Hahaha. And guess what, while I’m typing this, I just read that TSONGA DEFEATED NADAL IN THREE STRAIGHT SETS! 6-2, 6-3, 6-2. WTF!?! Obviously, he’s not an underdog. But the dark horse of the competition. Gawd. He’s really really good! Hahaha. Anyway, go Fed! :D

    Er. “Esse quam videri” actually means “to be rather than to seem”. :D

  • pol

    I know, I just saw it on TV a while ago. Nadal sucked! What’s with his lame service? And dang! He didn’t play like a pro. Was he thinking about it too much? Grabe. Ang bangis niya. Mga volley shots niya, kakaiba. Malupit! Hahaha. Buhay na buhay ngayon ang mga French fans sa bleachers ah. Haha!

  • pol

    Sorry, may typo. Haha. I was already talking about Tsonga sa “Grabe…” part. Haha. Sorry lang.

  • janus

    waaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!! The agony of having no cable channels for the first time of my life is like a total hell!!!!!

    meron bang vids neto sa youtube?

  • kawantani

    you talkin craps

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