Must control fries consumption

After reading the article “Why Do Fries Taste Sooo Good?” in Reader’s Digest, I have decided to moderate my fries consumption. Especially learning that these popular snack foods have been cooked twice; I just can’t imagine the amount of oil that goes into those fries. Moreover, these fries contain acrylamide which is formed when foods are baked or fried at high temperature. According to Clark University research professor Dale Hattis, acrylamide causes thousands of cancer-related disease in America per year. That’s not all. These greasy foods also contain trans fats, a kind of fat which is responsible for clogging the artery. I don’t think I can completely give up on fries, so I’ll just eat these in moderation.


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16 responses to “Must control fries consumption

  • Abaniko

    Most greasy foods are sinful. But what the heck! I may not be fond of fries but I’m addicted to liempo. I don’t know which one is worse.

  • yoshke

    never liked ’em. hehehe

  • MC

    You just consumed two large French fries last night. Hahahaha! And you call that moderation?

  • kringle

    seriously? craaap. I knew fries were unhealthy, but I didn’t know it was to that extent ._.; …dayng. what a waste. and they taste so delicious too @_@

  • Ken

    Abaniko: I know. And why do they have to be incredibly good!

    Yoshke: You’re quite missing half of your life. :D

    MC: Hahaha. You are not supposed to divulge such private information. Lol.

    Kringle: Seriously. As in dead seriously. And it was to that extent. Haha. I know! Why, oh, why? Hahahahaha!

  • yoshke

    er. i dont think so. hehehe. if i start eating fries, my total lifespan will surely be cut to half. :P

  • pol

    French fries, or in a broader sense, deeply fried potatoes are included in the top six foods that one must avoid in order to have a good and healthy lifestyle, that’s according to an article I’ve read somewhere in the internet. Which I think is totally bull. Hahaha. No one can stop me from gorging on these ultimately palatable food! Haha.

  • Ken

    Yoshke: Haha. Then join me in my pledge of fries control. :D

    Pol: So Sir, pati Pringles? Hahahaha.

  • bulitas

    fries na nga lang ang isa sa mga masasarap na pantanggal stress sa buhay eh.
    un nga lang. nakakamatay ng maaga.
    at pag nangyari yun, ala nag stress. wahaha.
    sori. must be the effect of too much trans fat in my system. =P

  • yoshke

    join you? hindi na. i don’t like fries anyway, so BAHALA KAYO SA BUHAY NYO. hhehe

  • pol

    I guess, yeah. Hahaha.

  • MC

    Sorry for unconsciously divulging such information then. Hahaha. What I am trying to point out is that you’re not faithful to your fries control mantra.

  • yods

    waaah! fries is my comfort food. i even ate burger and fries kanina for dinner. now i would have to think twice na before eating fries again. sigh! :(

  • Hottie

    You can try cooking your own fries, instead of consuming unhealthy, fast food, cooked and re-cooked french fries.

    All you need are potatoes and olive oil (for added healthiness. hahaha). Just cut the potatoes and fry them to goodness. You can eat guilt-free now.

    After all, the real french fries are natural. ;)

  • Ken

    And who might you be, Mr. Hottie?

    Thanks for your very relevant suggestion. But I’m too tamad to make my own acrylamide-free french fries. It would rather delight me if you make some, and then send it over to me. Haha! :D

  • belicious

    I LOVE FRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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