Monthly Archives: February 2008


Cobwebs are starting to reside in my blog.



February. This is the month wherein all singles simultaneously hibernate and pad out. What’s the point of existing in the biosphere during this month? They, or should I say, we don’t have any reason to celebrate the month. We’re loveless. And it sucks.

All singles out there. Let’s sleep on February 14 the whole day. Cheers!

Again, sorry for the very sabaaaaaaaaw atmosphere in this entry.

Cold turkey, eh?

Kringle, I am so sorry for not updating my blog. My computer at home has gone haywire for a week now. Yes, I have no access to the modern world. It is as if someone has amputated one of my arms. I am starting to become unproductive. More so, I am beginning to succumb to the deadly sin, indolence. I can’t work with my stuff without my precious friend, my computer. I need someone who can repair it. Please. Someone. I gotta run. Someone needs the computer more than I do. Yes, I’m blogging from the campus library.

Sorrrrrry for the very sabaw atmosphere of this entry.