February. This is the month wherein all singles simultaneously hibernate and pad out. What’s the point of existing in the biosphere during this month? They, or should I say, we don’t have any reason to celebrate the month. We’re loveless. And it sucks.

All singles out there. Let’s sleep on February 14 the whole day. Cheers!

Again, sorry for the very sabaaaaaaaaw atmosphere in this entry.


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9 responses to “Singledom

  • grace

    this is funny. :) let’s just be happy for those who will be celebrating.

  • janus

    I will not hibernate…

    I’ll be wearing black! ha!

    link ex?

  • Jonats

    but valentines day is just a social construct perpetuated by hallmark cards (and uuh, locally, by Close-up). it may be oppressive, but in the end, its all in the mind! :p have a great vday.

  • Abaniko

    As for me, I’ll get drunk and….. :D

  • yoshke

    traditionally, our college friends and i who are single at the time celebrate vday by dining at some fancy resto together.

    but since we’ve been very busy lately, i don’t think that’s gonna happen this year.

    still, gluttony’ll be with me this vday. hehehe. kahit magisa lang. minsan lang to, ahaha

  • MC

    Walang ka-date? Whatever. Haha!

  • Nina

    heart’s day is the day that unloveds feel even less unloved. it’s the day when singledom gets rubbed on single’s faces. too bad eh?

  • piebuko

    LOL. I know how it was like. I sneered at those dating — thought of them as ridiculous. I hated seeing 16-year-old teenage boy clutching flowers and teddy bears and 14-year-old school girls going home with dozens of roses. I was loveless so I spent Valentines day with my equally loveless girlfriends and we pigged out and watched videos the whole day. :)

  • pol

    Well, I just got home from a dinner. Yes, a dinner. But no, not with someone I am intimate with. I had dinner with my mom! It occurred to me the other night to go out and dine with my mom since one, I am loveless, and two, I miss my momma. We had a very great time. I wish you had a nice time as well today Ken, although I think it’s very apparent in your entry that you loathe Valentine’s day. LOL.

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