Arising from hibernation

Much as I want to fume my rants and raves on the recent controversies that persistently haunt the Arroyo administration, I chose to remain silent and passive about it. You say it’s being indifferent and unsympathetic. Perhaps, it’s rather true. But I guess it’s more of being fed up and despondent. We have been in situations like this in the past, but we just never learned. Don’t get me wrong, though. I am fully supporting everyone’s fight against blatant corruption. But something just hinders me. And that is something to mull over tonight.

On a lighter note, I just want to inform you guys how happy I am these past days. Two weeks ago, I took the Advertising Qualifying Examination, along with other 100 aspirants. Before you can actually take up major subjects for advertising, you should first pass the qualifying exam administered by the department. It was a Model SAT Test with lots of items from English, Trigonometry and Profound Geometry.

I must admit, I got completely creamed in that test. On the day of the exam, I wasn’t able to eat my breakfast since I was hustling to reach the school on time. So my brain didn’t function quite well, especially on the Reading Comprehension part. I just used my skimming and scanning skills in answering that section. And because we were under time constraints, I wasn’t able to read the last three readings. That would mean 10 items in the comprehension part. So I had no choice but to just summon intelligent guesses in these items. I did that part very rapidly, which made me really uncertain of my standing. I need a grade that will admit me in the program.

Fortunately, after two weeks of waiting, I got in. So did everyone else that I know. And what’s more surprising, I was in the top five out of 100 who took the exam. Kringle, being the consummate geek that she is, garnered the top spot. I’m so proud of you, Kringle. I’m so proud of us. We can now formally call ourselves Economics and Advertising Management students.


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13 responses to “Arising from hibernation

  • Sue Massey

    I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    – Sue.

  • kringle

    ack…waaah..! geeky lady ka dyan X___X

    Anyway, ahaha…congrats congrats~!! Tas, i don’t think i’ve ever said this to you personally, but am so proud of you~! As in super..! Kaya mo naman talaga kasi e..! Uhm..kung sipagin ka lang and magfocus ka talaga dun sa kelangang gawin. Rawr. Naturally smart ka naman e, ahaha…i think this test already attests to that fact. But, of course, like any other thing, it needs to be reinforced..? ahaha…basta yun. ^_~

    In any case, congrats ulit..!! :P :P and excited nako sa adprins grabe..!! :))

  • piebuko

    Hey congrats! You actually have geometry and trigonometry for advertising? That’s surprising. I didn’t know that.

  • yoshke

    WOOOOW. Congrats. Siguro naman mag-e-end na yang hiatus mo. ehehehe

  • Ken

    Thanks! Nakakaloko nga yung qualifying exams. Haha.

  • Abaniko

    Hey congrats. Now, that calls for a celbration. What about a case of beer and a few pounds of peanuts? :)

    I corrected your link already. Sorry for that, Ken.

  • pol

    LOL. Benta sa akin yung “Profound Geometry”. Hahaha.

    Congrats. Gooood jooob!

  • Jonats


    im curious, how does your course blend economics and advertising? or is your econ curriculum more management-ish? My degree (and hence my philosophy) of econ kasi is limited to the positivist side.

  • Ken

    Hmm. I have no idea. LOL.

    Dalawa kasi yung program sa amin ng Econ: Bachelor of Arts Major in Economics, tsaka Bachelor of Science Major in Applied Economics. Hindi ko alam kung ano yung difference nung dalawa, pero ang kinukuha ko ay yung Bachelor of Arts Major in Economics.

  • pol

    So, kung nakapasa ka na sa Entrance Exam, it does not assure you na makakapasok ka sa program ng advertising? Grabe naman, ang saklap sa part ng mga hindi pumasa sa qualifying examinations. Haha.

  • Ken

    Uhm, yup. Kailangan mo na mag-qualifying exam muna before ka makapagkuha ng major subjects ng advertising.

  • ketket

    love your blog. kenneth.. congrats. :D hihih.. missin’ the hugs!

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