Why She Wore Lipstick In Her Mastectomy

I wanted to murder boredom, so I conspired with the cable channels. I arbitrarily browsed through practically all TV channels in search of a good show. And HBO did not fail in giving me one.

The film is called Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy and it is based from the book written by Nancey Silvers. Mastectomy, as defined by Wiki, is the medical term for the surgical removal of one or both breasts to eradicate a malignant tumor. In layman’s term, it is done to terminate breast cancer. This then shall give you a clue on how the story will flow.

Geralyn Lucas is the lead female character in the movie. She has recently graduated from journalism school and landed a dream job at a very young age. Her life revolves around her great husband and friends. It is essentially the greatest period of her life. However, everything suddenly changes when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. You know how the C word destroys your system. Her weight drops sharply, her crowning glory becomes sparse. It is some sort of a nemesis. Trying to compose and gather herself, while losing her vibrancy, Geralyn discovers self-acceptance by relying on her husband, friends, courage, humor and of course, her red lipstick. At the end of the day, everything falls in the right place. She had a child, became stronger and tougher. The story simply implies that if we believe in ourselves, everything will come into place.

Each one of us, I believe, has their own “red lipstick” in life. In everything Geralyn Lucas does, she needs to have a stroke of her red lipstick. When she underwent mastectomy, when she graced in a magazine to share her struggle against cancer, she wore her red lipstick. It gives her the courage to go on with life, despite the tribulations that took place. I must note though that the use of red lipstick as a source of courage is interestingly weird. But whatever. If I may reiterate, it just shows that everyone of us has their own way of getting away from it all, no matter what kind of source it is.


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