In a real world, teachers should get higher salaries than, say, baseball players. Apparently, that’s not the status quo. Baseball players receive jillions of bucks by merely scoring a home run, hitting the baseball whether bluntly or powerfully, or by just catching a ball. Now, I must note that playing baseball is not as easy as a walk in the park. It is rather a strenuous sport wherein a player must develop biceps in order to swing a bat. Sheer athleticism is also an issue here. In a nutshell, baseball is not designed for the fainthearted.

But I am not convinced by these facts. I am still sticking to my belief that teachers should be paid higher than Babe Ruth. Their efforts should be remunerated. After all, it is them who helped and molded the baseball players to become who they are today. They should get perquisites. Say, monthly subscription of Reader’s Digest, or maybe Time Magazine or something to that effect. Nike should act as sponsors for their uniforms in the interest of professionalism. Moreover, Donna Karan, known for her delicate and chic clothing designs, should create fashionable knitwears for our educators to promote lifestyle and aesthetic appreciation. All chalkboards must be ditched away. Whiteboards, on the other hand, should be used in lieu of this. Chalkdusts are deemed to be bad for one’s health, especially when they are inspired down. In order for teachers to arrive in school on time, Porsche should sign a contract ratifying their obligation for these educators, which is to give them away their latest car models.

These are just few of the bills that I will work out if ever I get elected for public office. Then again, I suddenly come alive.


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