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I lost

I never considered myself good in academics and I didn’t mind getting B+‘s and B-‘s for all my hour exams in Calculus or Advanced Trigonometry. But I did think of myself as a rather swell Word Factory (more popularly known as Boggle) player. In three rounds, I would already score 60 points, or sometimes even higher, depending on the arrangement of lettered cubes. However, this illusion of mine has just been dispelled.

Aside from popping the bubble wraps here at home, I’ve got nothing else to do this summer. So I decided to pay my cousins in Quezon City a visit. I haven’t seen them in years, so I thought it would be really really nice to be reunited with them, and perhaps, pop some more plastic bubble wraps.

When my cousins and I were little kids, we used to play Claydoh. We’d mold these clays and form different figures, then we’re already chipper. But that was before. I’m sure my cousins don’t want to mold clay anymore. So Sarah, one of my cousins, took out their Word Factory set. Which delighted me. As I’ve said, I’m good in this word game. So we pulled out sheets of paper, then we began.

First two rounds had been an upset for me. Maybe luck just wasn’t on my side. Then again, I totally forgot the fact that my cousins are consummate geeks. Now I’ve met my waterloo. Yes, I lost. Thank God I came here with a well-developed sense of inferiority. Blah.


Caption this

A picture is worth a thousand words. But let’s keep it under fifteen. Express yourself. Caption the photo below!

“Am I now excused from taking the Geometry Quiz?”

I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

Funny. This time last year, I was really frantic about the idea of being 20 and all the good things that co-occur with it. You know, increase in allowance, parents being more lenient on you, personal independence, removal of curfew restrictions, and probably the best thing, late night movie marathons. Needless to say, I did enjoy my 20th year of existence here on earth. I had actually been into a lot of adventures and discoveries this year. Pretty cool, as a matter of fact. But sometimes, our perspectives in life change radically as we go along our way. Now that I’ll be turning 21 this coming May, I wish I can just be young again. Perhaps, go back to being an 8-year old when…

…all you care about and think of was how you can finish your bar of Toblerone without staining your shirt.

…receiving a Happy Meal from McDonald’s will already make you ecstatic.

…you don’t worry about paying your phone bills.

…McDonald’s, for you, is already a five-star restaurant.

…you’re not yet conscious of your physical appearance. Unless of course you’re already obsessed with the latest trends.

…you prefer receiving a bar of Chocnut to receiving a penny.

…you don’t care about what you don’t know. Unless of course you’re already showing signs of nerdiness.

…winning Sungka or Jolens is already a big achievement for you.

So I am officially tendering my resignation as a young adult. But hey, adulthood is possibly not that bad either. But it would then be a different story.

Surly cabbies

Aside from its remedying ambiance, there is one more thing I love about Baguio: cheap cab rates. In most cases, cab rates would not cost you more than 60 bucks from Point A to Point B in Baguio. That is relatively cheap compared to the usual rates I pay here in Metro Manila. Also, let me add that Baguio cabbies are way more modest than cab drivers here in Makati particularly. Baguio cabbies don’t take advantage of you. They do not tell you how much you should pay. They stick to what the taximeter states. They do not overcharge the rate. Of course, the situation is very different here in Makati. First, your destination must concur with the driver’s desired route. (In other words, you don’t tell the driver where your destination is. Instead, the driver tells you where he is heading.) Otherwise, you’ll automatically get tossed. Moreover, cab drivers in Makati will give you an estimate on how much it will cost you to reach your destination. Sa Tagalog, kontrata. And in some cases, cabbies will give you bullshit reasons on why he should charge you another twenty bucks or something.

American Idol – Top 7 (Mariah Carey Night)

With Michael Johns being booted from the show, I think David Cook will now have an easy time appealing for approval from the judges and America since he’s the only rocker left in the show. It sucks to see Michael Johns leave. Anyway, this week, the contestants will be singing Mariah Carey songs. I think it would be really difficult for everyone to pull off a brilliant performance. Mariah is Mariah, there is no one like her. So it boils down to how the contestants will tweak the song and deliver it to the crowd.

1. David Archuleta – “When You Believe”

Judges’ thoughts: (R) Dude you can sing anything. That was the bomb. (P) You made Mariah proud. (S) I thought it was very very good. You have set the benchmark.

My thoughts: I think it was just okay. When You Believe is a collaboration of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, so it’s definitely hard to at least be at par with the original. But yeah, it was okay.

2. Carly Smithson – “Without You”

Judges’ thoughts: (R) I liked that you challenged yourself. You have to believe and trust in yourself. It was pretty good. (P) I actually like that you shared some vocal restraint. (S) I really wanted you to sing this song. I don’t think you pulled it off.

My thoughts: I love Carly. I expected that she would deliver a very outstanding performance tonight since she has the pipes to sing a Mariah Carey song. And this week, she needs to redeem herself. But again, she came short. Vocally, it was great. But something is sorely lacking. She was over-thinking on what else she could do with the song. I thought she could have just sung her heart out. For some reason, I actually liked the “Ken Lee” version more. Lol.

3. Syesha Mercado – “Vanishing”

Judges’ thoughts: (R) You are bold but I gotta tell you that you did a good job on it all things considered. (P) This week you have been smart. You picked a song not many people now and you’re not compared to. Overall was unbelievably magical for you. (S) Technically it was very good. I am not sure I would have chosen a song though that not many people know.

My thoughts: Again, vocally, it was great. But I agree with Simon. I don’t know the song, so I don’t know how to relate to her performance.

4. Brooke White – “Hero”

Judges’ thoughts: (R) I was really digging it till the bridge. I appreciate the singer songwriter look. (P) Every ounce of you is authentic. I think this unplugged version was a very brave thing to do and you sounded really good. (S) I don’t think you had much choice doing other than what you did. It was like ordering a hamburger and only getting the bun. The vital ingredient was missing.

My thoughts: I can’t agree more with what Simon said. Also, she could have done it lento.

5. Kristy Lee Cook – “Forever”

Judges’ thoughts: (R) I didn’t think it was amazing but I gotta tell you that stepped up at the end. (P) It wasn’t just the end. You have this all worked out. Kristy Lee Cook, I am blown away. You could have a hit with that in country western. (S) You didn’t give me chills. You managed with what you could. It wasn’t ever going to be an advantage to you. It wasn’t great.

My thoughts: I want her out of the competition. Please!

6. David Cook – “Always Be My Baby”

Judges’ thoughts: (R) You are ready to make an album. I thought that was the most brilliant performance yet. (P) Thats pretty awesome. That could be in a movie soundtrack right now. (S) It was like coming out of Karaoke hell into a breath of fresh air. It was original, it was daring and stood out by a mile.

My thoughts: Brilliant. Just brilliant.

7. Jason Castro – “I Don’t Wanna Cry”

Judges’ thoughts: (R) For me I didn’t love that. Weird beach luau. (P) I would love to be at that luau. You are in that zone. (S) I am going to have to agree with Paula. Not the best vocal but it was identified with you.

My thoughts: I thought it was a bit cheesy. But he sort of pulled it off, but not quite.

My Top 2 Perfomances: David Cook, Syesha Mercado
Who I think should go home: Kristy Lee Cook

Two more wins and title is theirs!

Manchester United 2 – 1 Arsenal

Let me quote Sir Alex Ferguson. “You won’t see any better game anywhere this season.” On the dot! This match was just spectacular. This is the reason why I prefer FA Premier League to Bundesliga. Yes, it’s already an indisputable fact that Germans are more aggressive than the English, not to mention their fast-paced game plays. But if we consider the non-technical aspects of the game such as the level of excitement, the drama and surprise factors, English football is definitely the one to watch. And this is exemplified by the match between Manchester United and Arsenal. Football at its finest.


I want a Volkswagen Beetle. No, not the new one. I want the classic Beetle.

Volkswagen Beetle