My friend – hereafter will be addressed as BuffGuy – and I went to Power Books at Greenbelt a while ago to look for guerilla marketing books. Since Power Books is also a quasi library, we freely rummaged through the shelves and read some books. I found myself adhered to Jay Conrad Levinson’s book on guerilla marketing. Read a few parts of the book, then checked the price. I entertained the thought of buying it but when I found out that it was worth one grand, I immediately returned the book to the shelf. But I hid it somewhere behind the other books, lest someone might discover the significance of it and then buy the book afterwards. Of course, I’m not gonna let someone have it. The book’s for me only. After realizing that my cash on hand is not capable of purchasing any guerilla marketing books, I wound up buying Reader’s Digest which only costed me one hundred and sixty bucks. BuffGuy, on the other hand, bought this David Sedaris book called Barrel Fever which I was pining for. I just looked on the bright side: the Sudoku puzzles at the back of Reader’s Digest.

After Power Books, we dropped by the music bar on the other side. I, being a lover of classical music, went straight to the listening station of Andrea Bocelli. Before I even got there, BuffGuy yakked at me about my obscure taste in music. See, I am not the type of person who will immediately jump on the bandwagon. I’m being critical with things that I choose, with things that I do. It does not mean that if everybody does it, you should also try it. As for me, I prefer listening to Andrea Bocelli to say, Chris Brown. But don’t get me wrong though. In fact, I listen to pop music. But that’s beside the point. What I’m trying to say here is, ‘What has happened to Generation Y these days?’ We’ve lost passion for classical music, arts and stage plays among others. I remembered the day when I watched The Dogeaters at RCBC Auditorium. I was the only young adult in the orchestra section, the rest are probably in their thirties. We should embrace arts. Harbor it.

Sorry for digressing. Where was I? Uh, yeah. The yakking part. So yeah, he yakked, but then I still proceeded. You know what, I’m actually wondering why we get along so well, despite the disputes in our line of interests. But we both like reading, so it’s still alright. Oh, and may I leave you guys a message? This is a line I got from Francis Kong: There is not much difference between an illiterate and one who does not use his capability to read.


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3 responses to “Spontaneous

  • piebuko

    I, too, have friends that are opposite of me.
    My bestfriend, in fact, is the total opposite of me. I think we’re only bestfriends because we love cakes and ice-creams. :)
    Our differences lie on our taste in men. She likes them ugly. I like them the other way. hehe

  • pol

    Hey Ken! How have you been? I’m in Thailand right now. And enjoying. Lol.

    Actually, I also prefer the uncommon. I don’t know, I just don’t wanna go with the trend.

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