Surly cabbies

Aside from its remedying ambiance, there is one more thing I love about Baguio: cheap cab rates. In most cases, cab rates would not cost you more than 60 bucks from Point A to Point B in Baguio. That is relatively cheap compared to the usual rates I pay here in Metro Manila. Also, let me add that Baguio cabbies are way more modest than cab drivers here in Makati particularly. Baguio cabbies don’t take advantage of you. They do not tell you how much you should pay. They stick to what the taximeter states. They do not overcharge the rate. Of course, the situation is very different here in Makati. First, your destination must concur with the driver’s desired route. (In other words, you don’t tell the driver where your destination is. Instead, the driver tells you where he is heading.) Otherwise, you’ll automatically get tossed. Moreover, cab drivers in Makati will give you an estimate on how much it will cost you to reach your destination. Sa Tagalog, kontrata. And in some cases, cabbies will give you bullshit reasons on why he should charge you another twenty bucks or something.


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4 responses to “Surly cabbies

  • pol

    Let me guess. Maybe a few hours before you wrote this, you hailed a cab and got rejected? Lol. :D But seriously, you’re right. Cranky taxi drivers piss me off!

  • ganesh

    in my thirty years of existence, i’ve seen how metro manila cab drivers changed. From being accommodating, they suddenly changed to being, well, surly. and sometimes, even acerbic.

  • Ken

    On pol…
    Yup. Traffic daw kasi yung pupuntahan ko. Hahaha.

    On ganesh…
    Acerbic, eh? Lol.

  • pol

    You should have insisted on riding that cab. The next time they give you the same bullshit, scare them. Tell them you’ll take down their plate number or something. He he..

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