I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

Funny. This time last year, I was really frantic about the idea of being 20 and all the good things that co-occur with it. You know, increase in allowance, parents being more lenient on you, personal independence, removal of curfew restrictions, and probably the best thing, late night movie marathons. Needless to say, I did enjoy my 20th year of existence here on earth. I had actually been into a lot of adventures and discoveries this year. Pretty cool, as a matter of fact. But sometimes, our perspectives in life change radically as we go along our way. Now that I’ll be turning 21 this coming May, I wish I can just be young again. Perhaps, go back to being an 8-year old when…

…all you care about and think of was how you can finish your bar of Toblerone without staining your shirt.

…receiving a Happy Meal from McDonald’s will already make you ecstatic.

…you don’t worry about paying your phone bills.

…McDonald’s, for you, is already a five-star restaurant.

…you’re not yet conscious of your physical appearance. Unless of course you’re already obsessed with the latest trends.

…you prefer receiving a bar of Chocnut to receiving a penny.

…you don’t care about what you don’t know. Unless of course you’re already showing signs of nerdiness.

…winning Sungka or Jolens is already a big achievement for you.

So I am officially tendering my resignation as a young adult. But hey, adulthood is possibly not that bad either. But it would then be a different story.


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