I lost

I never considered myself good in academics and I didn’t mind getting B+‘s and B-‘s for all my hour exams in Calculus or Advanced Trigonometry. But I did think of myself as a rather swell Word Factory (more popularly known as Boggle) player. In three rounds, I would already score 60 points, or sometimes even higher, depending on the arrangement of lettered cubes. However, this illusion of mine has just been dispelled.

Aside from popping the bubble wraps here at home, I’ve got nothing else to do this summer. So I decided to pay my cousins in Quezon City a visit. I haven’t seen them in years, so I thought it would be really really nice to be reunited with them, and perhaps, pop some more plastic bubble wraps.

When my cousins and I were little kids, we used to play Claydoh. We’d mold these clays and form different figures, then we’re already chipper. But that was before. I’m sure my cousins don’t want to mold clay anymore. So Sarah, one of my cousins, took out their Word Factory set. Which delighted me. As I’ve said, I’m good in this word game. So we pulled out sheets of paper, then we began.

First two rounds had been an upset for me. Maybe luck just wasn’t on my side. Then again, I totally forgot the fact that my cousins are consummate geeks. Now I’ve met my waterloo. Yes, I lost. Thank God I came here with a well-developed sense of inferiority. Blah.


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