Dark Knight pre-screening thoughts

1. The movie poster is friggin’ awesome! Of course, there at the center of the poster is the classic and iconic Batman pose. One thing though. The poster sort of arouses the imagery of 9/11 bombing, with all the smokes and stuff. Nonetheless, over-all it’s pretty cool, particularly the flaming Batman logo on the building.

2. Seeing Heath Ledger on the big screen will probably make some people nostalgic. I then suggest you bring rolls of tissue lest you cry once Joker appears. As for me, I will just utter a heavy heave, and bask in his brilliance.

3. If you’ve seen the trailer, you might recall a specific scene wherein Dent was having a press conference. His line there, I think, could be used as the film’s main tag line instead of “Welcome to the world without rules.” The line was, “”The night is darkest just before the dawn.”

4. Iron Man has definitely made Batman look technologically backward. But whatever, it’s the story that counts.


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