Prevision; pre-analysis of 2008 Summer Olympics

I’m going to make a very logical prediction regarding the 2008 Summer Olympics. Not only will China obtain the most number of golds, but it will also decisively cream its top competitors. China is currently ranked 15th in terms of the number of medals won in both Summer and Winter Olympic Games. I guess by the end of the tournament, China would probably be already ranked 10th or 9th. (Side note: Philippines is 97th on the list.)

To arrive at this prediction, I considered a couple of points. Since all Olympic games will be held in Beijing, sending out athletes would definitely not be a problem for China. They don’t have to arrange flights and stuff for their athletes. Moreover, they could send as many athletes as they can. Plus, get this, they don’t need to qualify for the events; they’re already automatically seeded. I also considered the fact that China has been preparing for this for the past few years. So hopefully, we could see the hard work they have been exercising.

As for the Philippines, I just hope Lady Luck’s on their side. Blah.


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