This goes with that

A few weeks ago, someone gave me this small toy contained in a glass capsule-ish thingy. You know, the ones you get from vending machines. When I opened the thingymabob, it was actually a robot from the Japanese anime, Gundam, at least that’s what the picture said. Which, of course, made me really ecstatic. But the toy wasn’t assembled yet, I still needed to piece every part of it. So I unpacked the toy capsule. What’s usually included in this kind of stuff is an instruction booklet. This would technically make the assembling process easier and faster. But I, being the maverick individual that I am, chose to not scan the instructions. 

Instructions are for lunkheads who don’t possess the magic touch. They are written by overly smug nerds to explain to dummies how to assemble and operate certain machineries which will probably never work anyway. Referring to instruction booklets would only show a sign of weakness. After all, you’re not putting together a very complicated nuclear reactor.

Was I successful? Yes. The joy and excitement that I got from assembling the robot without referring to the manual was unexplainable. Phenomenal, actually. 


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