I’m a sinner

One of the joys of taking the public transit is you get to encounter different types of people. And probably the strangest you will ever come across with are the self-proclaimed clairvoyants. You know these types, they claim they can foresee the future. These quote, unquote clairvoyants literally berate and tell everyone to confess their sins for according to them, the end of the world is coming in less than a week. Unfortunately, while on my way home yesterday, I happened to encounter one.

I was patiently waiting for the train to arrive when this lady, probably in her late thirties, approached me. It freaked me out, actually. See, I don’t want strangers to come up to me and ask for my number or whatever. So I scooted a bit away from her. But the lady was so persistent. I thought of giving her a chance, maybe she really wanted my number. Just as I was about to give the lady my number, she suddenly burst and her voice boomed out, “You are a sinner and you are damned to burn in Hell until you beg forgiveness and purify your soul!”

Instead of getting irked at the lady, I was actually surprised and amazed at how much she knew about me. I got interested in what she had to say, so I listened to her babbling. She talked about the end of the world, she told me she was once a sinner but already asked for purification and all. I was impressed, honestly. Maybe they’re really saying the truth. Maybe they can really foretell what’s going to happen. Maybe they’re really clairvoyants.


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