iPhone craze

So iPhone will be officially available in the market very soon. I’m pretty sure it will create furor amongst gadget lovers and techies. Well, we can’t blame them. What’s not to love about iPhone? First, it’s not just a multimedia mobile phone. But it’s a smartphone that runs an OS X, has Safari(browser), 8GB of memory(it varies), and to top it all off, it’s a touch screen iPod.

I’m also thinking of getting one purely because my current phone has gone crackers. Plus, I’d get an iPhone because when it comes to gadgets, nothing beats Apple’s attention to the user experience.

If Apple reaches its target sales of 10 million units, it’ll be because it appeals to ordinary people who seek for functionality and utility, not to arrant techies who drool over the technical specifications of the mobile phone.



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5 responses to “iPhone craze

  • MC

    o baka naman nainggit ka lang dahil may iphone ako? hahaha!

  • Ken

    So feeling mo, idol kita? Lol!

  • pol

    i agree. bebenta ang iphone dahil sasakay sa bandwagon ang tao.

  • lad madrigal

    the craze you’re talking about have already subsided months ago. iPhone is not the grandest mobile networking gadget nowadays. although for Filipinos, new gadgets are always a “craze”.

    however, i agree that iPhone will sell good in the country, but for the reverse reason as yours. It will sell for the fact that most of our kababayans are technoweenies, and will buy iPhone not for its function but for vanity.

    Afterall, the “functions” you are saying is nothing compared to its price. Steve Jobs has once again did a nice job in making his products overpriced.

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