Obviously, there is no need to be verbose or gabby with regard to how I feel about you. Words simply cannot replace the sharp feelings of pleasure, excitement and satisfaction I get every time I greet you ‘Good morning’ the moment I wake up and ‘Good night’ before I log Z’s.

For the most part, a lot of people have seen some seemingly drastic changes in me. My mindset, my attitude, my outlook. I then reference my friend’s observation: ‘Whatever happened to Ken? The Ken who once asserted that he is not at all romantic?’

Two years ago, I was in the same predicament. ‘Predicament?’, you ask, when in fact I should be feeling exultantly proud and joyful. Apparently, everything is not exactly in the right place. It’s difficult because this time, the feelings I have are sharper and more intense. The mere presence of this person is enough to turn a frown into a smile. Every time I gaze at this person, my heart slowly melts. And ironically, my whole body freezes. Suddenly, all my defenses dissipate.

I managed to hold on to my last straw of rationality. I grasped my turf to the end, but that was after I grappled with my emotions.

I can only but guess what happened to the old skeptical Ken. Perhaps he sneaked back into the depths of his subconscious. Or probably he went to some remote universe because his emotions for this particular person overpowers him. After all, everyone is entitled to take a respite, yes?

For now, I guess I’ll just torture myself by watching Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Ah, romantic flicks.


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