She’s really nice… BUT?!

The Dweeb: “Are you trying to set me up with _____?” (name purposely omitted to preserve privacy)
Matchmaker Sicko: “Yes! Come on, she’s really nice, not to mention smart which is a major turn-on for you.”
The Dweeb: “What’s her But?”
Matchmaker Sicko: “What do you mean, But?”
The Dweeb: “You know, when someone is trying to set you up with someone, they always tell you the good qualities first, then they leave out the huge flaws.”
Matchmaker Sicko: “Oh no, not every set up has a But. Come on dude, she’s really nice, I’m telling you.”
The Dweeb: “BUT?”
Further parts of this conversation are already neglected.

Makes me think of my BUT. I know I’m nice and er, nice… BUT?! I guess I should do a survey. Or ask my friends. Oh wait, I think I can answer that. How about you, buddy? What’s your precious BUT?


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