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Multiple entendre

Allow me to digress from the usual marrow of my ramblings. Today, my pursuit of carnal pleasure has subdued my completely impeccant mind. Which induced me to notice the subliminal excursus on certain lyrics, because sometimes, even the most innocent children songs may have sexual entailments. Take for example, Celeste Legaspi’s Mamang Sorbetero. Let us dissect and analyze each line to further understand the real message behind this piece.

Note: We’ll assume that the song is being sung by a lady.

Mamang Sorbetero, anong ngalan mo
The first line already suggests that the lady is interested in building a good relationship with Mamang Sorbetero. The idea of patronage is beside the point.

Tinda mong ice cream, gustung-gusto ko
From this line, we can infer that the lady is sucking up to gain Mamang Sorbetero’s attention.

Init ng buhay, pinapawi mo
Here, we can see the aggression on the part of the lady. She uses ice cream as a metaphor for her carnal yearning. We can also infer from this line that something has already happened between them.

Sama ng loob, nalilimutan ko
Mamang Sorbetero must be damn good!

Mamang sorbetero, tayo’y sumayaw
Wow, this lady must be really kinky.

Kalembang mong hawak, muling ikaway
There, she said it!

Batang munti, sa iyo’y naghihintay
WTF%@$*#&!!!! The lady isn’t a lady after all! She’s a young girl! Mamang Sorbetero is a pedophile!

Bigyang ligaya ngayong tag-araw
Someone call Bantay Bata 163. Now!

La la la la la la…
La la la la la la…

Then they both went insane.

Poster’s Note: Nothing in this entry must be taken seriously. It is a product of the dweeb’s sheer boredom.


Havaianas, a conspicuous success

The person who brought and introduced Havaianas in the country is one smart ass. He/She absolutely knew it would be a hit. Wearing slippers in public was once a taboo, but now, it seems that everyone has acquired the kick out of these rubber slippers. Which by the way cost eight hundred bucks to one grand! Despite its expensiveness, Havaianas is continually patronized by almost every Filipino, which is actually not surprising at all. Because you buy the brand, not the product. Or you can refer to it as pop culture.

The admiration of the Filipinos over the rubber slippers gave rise to the Havaianas rip-off, Havana. Which is much cheaper. Fifty bucks, and you now have a pair. Who cares if the word impressed on the strap is Havana; hey, Havana sounds cool, and it’s the largest city in the Carribean region, so you know. Plus there are pleasant sites in the city. Not to mention the nice beaches on its coast. So flaunt your pair of Havana flip-flops! Anyway, at the end of the day, you’re just gonna use them to thwack a cockroach.