Unsparing and uncompromising

If one’s life is one’s ultimate value, then knowledge is required to preserve and ameliorate it. For such knowledge to be possible, one must possess the faculty which will acquire it: a fully capable, volitional consciousness that is willing to discover, explore, learn and apply. It is a mind that is incapable of deluding itself with contradictions and malice, whether from within or beyond its perceptual boundaries. It has the highest regard for facts obtained first-hand and at face value, and is narrowly focused on the essentials of an issue. It is aware of its processes, finds confidence in its efficacy and integrity, as it constantly but stealthily pronounces the verdict that one is fit to live happily, either alone or among knowers of the same kind.

Spartan thinking. But the dweeb isn’t Spartan. The way I function is a completely different story.


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