Of planes and segments

If love has any dimension, mine is a linear, one-dimension.

Simple, measurable and defined. In its simplicity every single affair in my past, present and future has been and will always be reduced to a dot that defines the length from either end.

There were occasions when one of my end points made tangent with other lines moving in the same plane while on several occasions bisected some.

That is where complications begin.

When two lines meet at one common point, or whenever an area is formed, a two-dimensional plane is forged. What used to be linear by definition has evolved to polar and/or radian. Integers are suddenly thrown into the realms of multiple functions that standing alone they are rendered meaningless unless they are able to relate in terms of the other.

The danger with two-dimension is its vulnerability to further complications if caution is not taken. The strongest point of bisection is also the weakest. An intrusion of a third plane passing through the bisecting point will send the plane into another dimension which graphically may appear attractive and sensibly alive but not for long when solid figures start to generate their actual displacements and eccentricities in reference to a paticular point or axis. I kid you not, not all figures spinning round in space are awesome. Some are capable of haunting the most uncomplicated line all throughout its evolving days. When this happens, the inconspicuous unattached dot is far better off than a shattered line. The ending can be gory. I should know better.

I also acknowledge the danger of my remaining linear. Self-regulation is necessary lest I run the risk of either of the two: caving in to my self or, stretching too far, too much too soon. The former a delimiting factor while the latter, the exact opposite where infinity poses as a challenging end. Keeping a parallel path while maintaining equidistance with the rest of line-nizens is the ideal scenario although equally tedious if not all together herculean.

And as long as I can dream, I can always touch heaven in the fourth dimension.


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