Aussie Open Scribbles

1. So the first grand slam for this year has already been decided, and it was won by the number one seed, the dude with rather bulbous biceps, Rafael Nadal, against the very formidable Roger Federer. The finals match itself could already be considered as the most gruelling one in the history of Australian Open, although still disputable, for we have seen a caliber of tennis greatness from two of the most aggressive players in the roster.

2. Dinara being creamed by the androgynous yet incredibly incredible Serena. There are lots of compunctions this year in the women’s league. One, Ivanovic being beaten by Kleybanova. Two, Sharapova’s absence due to an injury. We miss her quasi pornstar screams. Three, Jankovic losing to Bartoli. Four, Venus losing to Carla Navarro.  But despite all the regrets, we have seen a great tennis comeback by Jelena Dokic. Someone to watch out for in the French Open.

3. Rafa’s change of wardrobe. Veered away from his usual capri shorts and sleeveless muscle T’s. Donned a regular polo with collar and shorts showing his full knees. Looked younger. Tweaking what Obama said, “[Wardrobe] change is what [Rafa] needs.”

4. Fed crying after the finals match. It was hard not to cry with him. Although I was rooting for Rafa, the sight of Fed would have been enough to make me reach for tissue rolls. If that wasn’t enough for you, then the sight of Rafa putting his arm around him in friendly consolation, would have set off a worldwide outbreak of snivels.

5. Verdasco nearly beating Rafa. It was a battle of two hooking left-handed players with hair-raising passing shots. But Rafa is the tour’s most feared defensive player, so he was able to keep up with Verdasco’s pace. But an altogether well-played tennis by Verdasco.

6. Rafa’s massive improvement on hard court.

7. Next: French Open.


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