Why should there be no EDSA 4?

1. Yes, the world was once awed with how we exemplified democracy and civil rights roughly twenty years ago. The way we bristled and marched along the monolithic EDSA to show our detestation over the Marcos regime. And because we are so ultranationalistic and we love taking our harangues to the streets, we did it again to the Estrada regime. Then I’d quote Leona Lewis, “once or twice was enough, and it was all in vain.” The world has seen so much of our patriotism. Now what we need to show them is melioration, not just loud bombastic declamations at the streets.

2. EDSA now, compared to what it looked like twenty years ago, has been flyover-ized. It would be difficult for civil rights group to march and coast along flyovers. Moreover, it’s not anymore ideal to gather at the EDSA Shrine for it will cause massive traffic and you don’t want that to happen. Massive traffic will result to impediments in economic progress altogether.

3. We need lots of permits to fully execute a rally. That would consume helluva time. I still have accounting homeworks.

4. The level of apathy nowadays has risen up significantly. Meaning, there would be less participants. Meaning, less turnout. Meaning, epic fail.

5. It’s summer, the heat is definitely on. Higher risks of heat hyperpyrexia and dehydration. Could be fatal.

6. Yes, a “people power” uprising makes direct democratic action a reality. But keyword here is direct democratic. Is it really just sheer democratic action? Or is it already conflated with self-interests of surly airhead politicians?

7. Doing it again would just make us a laughing stock of the entire globe.

8. Nothing can take away EDSA I’s legacy as a peaceful cry of freedom for all oppressed people worldwide. We have shown our yearning for our country’s bright future, and all we can do is to just look at it with profound nostalgia. There have been warnings of Filipinos’ propensity to rally up again with each crisis of governance. But practically, taking it to the streets would not resolve this. Everyone needs to work their asses off if we really want to achieve this bright future we’re hankering.

9. Let me quote GMA, “The world embraced EDSA 1, the world tolerated EDSA 2, the world will not forgive EDSA 3 but instead condemn the country for having a very unstable political system.”


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