Shadows in the dark

The darkness comforts as always, wrapping me around in an embrace.

Misty shadows that used to haunt cease to terrify. I never noticed how I have outgrown my childish fears. When what used to make a chill chalked up my spine doesn’t hold such power anymore.

Perhaps, I realize that the pitch darkness in the human soul is more intense than that which surrounds me at the moment.

Loneliness gnaws like the darkness. How ironic that I seem to love the sting that’s eating my heart away. Each bite, swift and sharp, cuts through me instantly.

I remember once, I was asked how I would picture a forest: The lovelier it would be at night when only the glow of the moon lights up the corners casting shadows that could stretch far and wide, running wildly in a mystic game played by the light.

I am mesmerized. The blackness of the night has this innuendo that is always enchanting; almost like the loneliness I’m feeling right now. Could my heart be just playing tricks on me like the shifting shadows in the dark?

I could care less; what I even want is to savor the moment. When racing thoughts of you keep my mind busy and the nip of your not being here could be so sensual.

I am alone in the dark but shadows of you keep me company. As always.


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