If not for the rain

If not for the rain, we would not have enjoyed our every conversation over a plate of barbeque, every word straining to get heard in the midst of the rumbling sound.

I would not have lingered a bit more and esteemed the presence of friends for each passing minute, who would soon wave their until-thens and goodbyes.

If the heavens had not opened up with unstoppable torrents to quench the dry ground with its damp reprieve, we would not have the timely chance to leap over mud slumps and mind the thoughts to escape the even drops of rain. Nevertheless, we were cold and soaked but enjoyed it greatly with warmed hearts.

Had it not rained that day, our laughter and fun would not have danced in extravagant celebration with the drumbeat stomp of the rainstorm, the only music teasing the night away.

I was grateful for the rain.


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