Post scriptum

Each morning I wake up to life’s possibilities. Every minute declares the certainty of it.

Between you and me runs an invincible bridge built by our very decision to love. But it will eventually crumble the instant we decide to unbind ourselves from the same for there lies its weakness. We alone hold the power to demolish it.

Now then, the reality of your presence is made stronger than the distance that ever separates us. In truth, my heart is always asking:

When can my hands be allowed to touch and hold you once more when every part of me constantly screams to be near you?

When can I gaze back at your figure that my mind strains to remember throughout the weeks of your absence being content with just memories of you every time my head hits the pillow to rest?

When can I kiss your lips again that almost always leaves me spellbound and caress your cheeks that I can never get enough of?

As long as the light pursues the fading darkness of the night, my heart will continue to hope that we are never that far anymore. It could be miles away, yards away, feet away… until finally my hands have grasped our very possibilities.


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