Knowing could be summed up in four words

Good concept, rubbish ending.

Knowing could have been massive in its genre, but it all came short in the ending. I get that the director was trying to save the kiddies and all (punters like to see ‘little timmies’ survive), but that was just plain stupid. The director should have stuck with scientific facts, and could have played with it some more. But no, he chose to come up with some ridiculous reason to end the world — have the men in black(they look like they’re from Twilight or something) save the little kiddies. It’s like the writer and the director thought it was a good way to end it. Obviously, they were bored.

Out of 10, it’s a 5 — rubbish ending, great until the last fifteen minutes.


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2 responses to “Knowing could be summed up in four words

  • ericka

    Alright if you do reserch on solar flares, there is a huge possibility of it hurting earth. im not saying were all going to die but if the rays can be strong enough to wipe out the entire world’s electricity. we would be going back a hundred years in our technilogical findings we have today. it was a good ending. you also have to think about the multiple planets that could obtain life (just like in the movie). there could be life out there im not going to sit here and tell you i know because i dont. and no one else knowes. think about it.

  • Ken

    that’s what i am trying to point out mam. the whole wiping out of the earth’s population would have been interesting. but saving the little timmies was just plain lame for me. cheap trick to earn accolades from bunters.

    just my opinion. :)

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