My favorite place

There are places that you learn to love because people never ask for your name. The place learns it by heart.

You never have to worry about showing off; the place knows your worth anyway. The people do not even mind you coming in slippers; they know it’s not important.

Time to time strangers come along, but the moment you shake hands with them, they become an instant part of your life’s mosaic.

So I come here, not to be remembered but rather, to be forgotten by time. You see, there is peace in being unnoticed and fun in being just yourself.

Life never offers perfect solutions to problems but it will show you a parcel of the puzzle so you can put each one in place and create your own picture. Each day will offer you fears and suprises. It’s up to you to choose which one you will savor.

To the things you cherish, keep them. You will never find something the same. The next might be worst or better. But don’t look forward. Know that tomorrow is a by-product of how much you dedicate of your time today.

Live your life to the fullest and before it ends, come to the place where I am.


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