Not my goddamn pork

Great. As if things could not get any worse on this planet. It’s April and it’s raining. No, it’s pouring. Climate change, they say. And now, we have pigs sneezing on people and giving them some sort of virus called Swine Flu. By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of it as it is all over the news.

The government, however, has reminded the people that our country is still safe from Swine Flu. “Still” being the operative word. But they’re being cautious towards those who get in the country. Obviously, it’s some serious shit when people have suddenly and quickly died from it all over the world. Just great, just in time for the summer barbeque cookouts that I love, in comes some asshole messing with my damn pork.

What asshole? That asshole in Mexico who had sex with a pig who started this shit. You know that’s how things always start, right? Just like HIV/AIDS, some African dude saw it fit to have sex with a monkey and hell, the rest is history. I mean, that’s what “they” said and that’s what I believe; later for all that man made germ warfare stuff. From the looks of it, they’re trying to say that it started or came out of Mexico. As if Mexicans needed any more bad press right now with their drugs, guns, undocumented migrant workers and such, now there’s this news.

Meanwhile, I am still eating pork.


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