When you miss someone badly…

Missed watching Spiderman and Titanic. Missed watching the new DVDs purchased spontaneously. Missed my best friend’s birthday party. Missed having a few beers after a long day. Missed great conversations. Missed listening and getting a mind-blowing kick from a really terrific record. Missed bantering and having warped repartees with insane online buddies. Missed appreciating the absurdity of everything. Missed humor, fun and the comforting thought that life can be light and kind. Missed the old me every time I get a glimpse in a mirror and see an exhausted stranger staring back vacuously. Missed random movie house visits. Missed sleepless nights. Missed getting scared before a good night’s sleep. Missed cuddling. Missed having arbitrary conversations about trivial things. Missed long walks. Missed eating waffles. Missed getting verbally decked. Missed your outspoken conceit. Missed your bizarre antics.

Missed barbecue cookouts. Missed hugging my mom. Missed hugging my sister. Missed my dad’s call last night. Missed my bed for a week. Missed having awkward moments. Missed staying up late just to study. Missed staying up late just to cry. Missed staying up late just for the sake of staying up late. Missed a nice cab three days ago. Missed basking in the rain. Missed boredom. Missed isolation. Missed their company. Missed iPod-ing. Missed sleepovers. Missed verbal exchanges like, “is time just an illusion?” Missed watching cartoons. Missed being truant. Missed being a vagabond. Missed being scolded. Missed you. Missed her. Missed him. Missed them. Missed the days when you just care about practically nothing.

Missed the days when Mcdonald’s for you is already a five-star restaurant. Missed inebriated moments. Missed my impressive shower head — singing in the bathroom. Missed football. Missed my mom’s incredibly delightful adobo. Missed my sister’s quirkiness. Missed my brother’s annoying dabs. Missed my dad’s amusing acts. Missed the comic Ken. Missed overprocessing things. Missed jeepney rides. Missed traveling alone. Missed laboratory experiments. Missed being in the limelight. Missed watching from the back and just enjoying the scene. Missed being late in class. Missed being ridiculously early in class. Missed lambasting. Missed being whipped. Missed the unbelievably great sunset scenery. Missed fast food. Missed having night outs. Missed sessions. Missed fiddling with the violin. Missed fiddling with nothing. Missed manic Mondays. Missed toilsome Tuesdays. Missed weary Wednesdays. Missed thematic Thursdays. Missed fiery Fridays.

Missed sending messages to loved ones, particularly to ones that matter. Missed sitting in front of the car. Missed sitting at the back of the car. Missed small gatherings. Missed big gatherings. Missed taking pictures of practically everything. Missed doing nothing. Missed being busy. Missed my target. Missed a lot of goals. Missed a lot of aims. Missed God. Missed talking to God.

I am in abundance of apologies to make. I sincerely hope I wouldn’t miss on that, too.


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