What would I give my mom?

It’s again the time of the year when my siblings and I bicker amongst ourselves over what to give our mom for this rather special occasion. Mother’s Day is quite stressful for me because I am not really good in coming up with special gifts. But we always make it to a point that what we give is something really useful for our mom. We veer away from the usual flowers, figurines, photo frames or chocolates because she can buy these stuff whenever she wants. So I came up with this bizarre list of what to give to my mom.

1. Dirt Devil Kone

My mom is a bit of a neat freak, so she always cleans her room. She has this dustbuster but it kind of looks ugly and quite bulky. So I think she would appreciate this cute handheld vacuum.

2. Lili Lite – Bookshelf Lamp

Like myself, my mom reads a lot. She has a very wide array of books in her shelf and pretty soon, it will already burst. So I thought of giving her a bookshelf that is all-in-one. Lo and behold, the uber functional shelf for above my mom’s bed. It’s a shelf, bookmark and lamp altogether. A built in sensor automatically turns the lamp off when an open book is placed on the shelf, and turns back on once its removed. Pretty cool, huh?

3. Wine Bottle Holder – Whimsical Bear

For one, the bear is so cute. I think my mom would really like this since she’s a chronic drinker. I kid. But I am pretty sure that my mom would use this to hold the bottle of soy sauce, ketchup or something else.

4. You Rock, You Rule Pillowcases

My mom always goes for the solid-colored pillowcases, so I thought of giving her something unique and touching at the same time. Of course for me, my mom is the best!

5. A Guilt-Free Nap

Come on mom, take a rest today! Who knows, we might even fool around with you later tonight!


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