Maybe the cosmos is sending cryptic signals. And I, being appallingly irresponsible, ignore the encrypted messages and choose to take the statements as they are: basically amusing pseudophilosophies slash individualistic mantras that spark amusement, and on certain neurotic cases, deep thought. I’m not talking about earth-shaking utopian suppositions. I’m talking about T-shirt inscriptions that I see being worn by people while wandering aimlessly in the mall. “Real Men Don’t Need Viagra”, “Porn Star On Training”, “I Wish These Were Brains!” worn by a big-bosomed woman, “You Say I’m A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing”, “The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own”, I saw this shirt worn by a Vegas stripper in protest of President Bush’s policies. And the cringe-a-holic, perverse in a mad hilarious way shirt I saw: “I (Heart) Mahal!”


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10 responses to “Cataclysm

  • homer

    I love statement shirts so much but mostly with some social/political innuendos. Medyo OA na minsan yung ibang shirts eh and it seems that some who wear those shirts dont even know what the statements really try to represent.

    Funny naman yung I heart Mahal haha!!

  • Ken

    Yeah. Gusto ko rin yung may social innuendos. Pero mas gusto ko yung may mga multiple entendre na bastos. HAHAHA! :D

    Meron akong nakitang shirt, there’s a canon in the middle, tapos may pumutok, and it’s written there, “Sorry, biglang pumutok eh.”

    Wala lang. HAHAHAHA! :D

  • Harper

    Hahaha. Panalo yung “The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own!”

  • ShatterShards

    Nice shirts. Pero nakaka-kilabot yung I <3 Mahal. haha!

    Not really familiar with double-entendre shirts, though. I usually shy away from loud shirts.

    There is one shirt I saw that states: "Successful people are those who are good at PLAN B." Now, that one, I like. haha

  • cruxrifter

    i always prefer buying statement shirts rather than complicated prints.

    heres my favorite: “please tell your boobs to quit staring at my eyes” ..

    its an old one.. HAHA

  • Aldrin

    I like statement shirts because I like statements. I have a few in my collection and I wear them proudly. Because that’s what I bought them for.

    Sadly, a lot of people just buy the shirts because they look “kewl”. I saw this guy once wearing a Nazi swastika; I asked if he liked the Nazis. “Nazi what?” was the response I got. Pathetique!

    And yeah, I like double entendres on my shirts, too. One has to be ready for the consequences, though. Hihi! Don’t wear a flirty shirt if you’re not willing to flirt! :P

  • dana

    i hate it when people wear statement shirts, especially girls, because they get really weird when people read what’s on their shirt.

  • TheRetardDork

    Statement shirts are so 1980s. Hahaha!

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