Monthly Archives: November 2009


Urbanites have a certain predictable migratory habits.

Before I proceed let me skip a few fences and register my absolute disdain towards people who think it is my duty to simplify myself so they would get what I’m usually rambling about. I have whined about this in the past and at risk of deadening redundancy let me restate the fact that I have no allocated patience for dweebs whose mental activity begin to explode upon reaching a maximum supportable IQ points (usually not exceeding Twiggy’s waistline). For one, mediocrity bores me to bits. Secondly, I find it very lazy for some people to cite the least common denominator mentality to conceal their glaring and unblushing lack of effort at self-improvement (hint: open a thesaurus and no, it’s not a primitive, prehistoric animal).

Don’t give that look, too. It is not my fucking obligation to be sensitive towards your touchy-feely indolence. You should have read enough or consulted trusty Webster to learn words so you’d do the universe a great service by not inflicting the rest of the free world of your unapologetic ignorance. Your lack of resolve to be word-savvy isn’t due to the fact that others are using “big words” at the speed of light. It’s because you decide to snore at anything that has more than three syllables. Fucking grow up. Don’t give me the shitty “concern” that “most people might not understand.”

Weird. Who are most people? And why would I seek to be understood when I have repeatedly wailed even to those who refuse to listen that I am a prime acolyte in the house of chaos? Not only am I fascinated with irony and contradictions but I find a certain bizarre romance in something I cannot understand. That makes me think, that warps me out of complacency to challenge myself and the limitation of my understanding.

There. I’m raving and hyperventilating like a full-blown maniac that the topic I want to ramble about melted from the flares and fumes spurting out of my nostrils. I am aware that I sound like a snooty jerk. So do me a favor. Don’t stand there, wringing your hands shiftlessly, puppy-eyed and such.

Go find a fucking dictionary and find out the definition of vicious.

The word probably was invented to define me.

I have no trouble with that, either.