When I wish.

Sometimes you wish for things with all your heart and few seconds after you whisper for another. Sometimes you wish that a glance would simply be enough so that your heart will freeze for a moment and then move on. Sometimes it takes more than your brain to explain everything, and then your heart meddles and really makes a mess. Sometimes you shake your head in amazement, pray a while, and wish for it to last even just a minute. Sometimes you are convinced that all the power in the universe conspires just to make your wish come true, and when it does, you feel undeserving. A smile in your lips, a touch from your hand, a sound of your voice, a meaningful glance and perhaps a warm embrace will make this life complete.


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One response to “When I wish.

  • ShatterShards

    It’s normal for me to recognize what I don’t want, but knowing what exactly it is that I want is rather difficult. It rather makes me wary of wishing for something.

    You’ve been gone long, what happened to you?

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