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Not The Brain!

I had the scare of my life when I found out that as men age, their brains shrink. (Noooo! Not the brain!) The article I have read, however, did not mention of any reason or cause for the aforesaid morsel of information and why, of all the sexes, it is singling out the men. I am not a believer of the proverbial saying “Life is unfair”, but my incredulity has just been dispelled.

I asked myself if it had something to do with the gradual decline of testosterone production over the remainder of man’s life. Or it could be the overindulgence of hand resulting to excessive release of semen. Ugh.

While I was in the middle of dissecting the probable reasons of this abject event, I suddenly felt my brain tightened, compacted and shrunk some more. “Oh God, this is so not fair” was all my flustered mind could squall.

Then something occurred to me.  I am not the only walking man with a shrunk brain on this planet. “Hey dude, can we go get some booze tonight? The shrinkage of my brain has accelerated. Maybe we can celebrate. How about you?”